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Welcome to Jaydiz Store ! Here we sell clothes for the entire world !

I would like to introduce myself as the co-ownership of the website, i'm Jeremy i was born in France and raised in Paris.

During my youth i saw the folks having a very good fashion sense and in the same time i grew up in the 90's with famous anime, manga and obviously video games, my dad was very attracted by some movies turned into a classic such as scarface, back to the future, the good the bad and the ugly etc ( i'm not able to provide you the full list ^^ ) while my mom was a huge fan of pop music, funk and even hip hop.

You are probably wondering why i'm talking about this ? my point is when i become an adult and start to get into some hard work i have realized that was willing to sell some clothes and propose all the things as i have mentioned just above, creating some logo and place on some T-shirts or hoodies was an obsession in my mind.

When i was 28 i decided to move in USA for one year and study how to create some designs and as a french guy improved my english LMAO.

When i came back home i got news skills and feel ready to create some logos!

Two years later i went in Australia for one year and i met a fabulous guy (shh don't say his name he won't be happy about this) who became my partnership (web developer) and together we took the best decision in our life : set up a website!

September 2016 here we go.. Jaydiz Store was born!

We decided to launch our store in order to provide our customers with the best quality outfits and a wide range of clothes with a reliable delivery service.

We want to share this passion with you. Here you will find a lot of designs from your favorite movies, series, cartoons, mangas, artist and very funny T-Shirts

And great news, my partner has just updated some goodies in the store.

We ship for the entire world and we provide you a free tracking number to guarantee a safe delivery.

If you have any questions please fill in the form below or contact us at jaydiz.store@gmail.comWe will be happy to reply to you promptly.

Our shop is yours to browse freely.  We hope you enjoy it,


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The delivery time takes 10-12 working days.Please note that there may be delays on rare occasions or in remote areas.
Your data will be handled confidentially and encrypted with SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) secure server software. The encrypted information of your order, your name, address, credit card or bank details cannot be read by any third party. Credit card payments will also be verified through the 3D secure procedure.
Our team will be automatically notified, your order will be processed and once your package will be shipped we will provide you a valid tracking number
We can ship your order anywhere, the shipping cost is free.
If you received your product that its size doesn't match what you ordered, you can contact us WITHIN 14 DAYS of receiving your order. To apply, please email us to : jaydiz.store@gmail.com Please note that customers would be responsible for the fees involved for returning items
Most of our product are made in 100% cotton.Some hoodies are made in 80% cotton and 70% polyester.


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